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Halton Music

Jon Halton has composed and arranged much music for saxophone and clarinet ensembles, or with piano accompaniment, which is available in sheet music form.


Download the Catalogue (PDF – 691KB)


Dr Jon Halton, musician, composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist performer and teacher has created a sizable and highly acclaimed library of arrangements for many varied ensembles. His skilfully crafted and sensitively conceived arrangements for sax and clarinet ensembles are especially popular and deservedly so. You can hear examples of these works featuring in the repertoire of Simply Reeds, an outstanding quartet performing on saxophones and clarinets. Jon’s clever and growing repertoire for larger ensembles, including instrumental choirs and wind band is equally impressive and his arrangements are regularly featured in performances of the Cambridge Wind Band to popular acclaim by both performers and audiences. Anytime I see a ‘Halton’ credit on an arrangement I expect it to be enjoyable both to hear and to play and I have yet to be disappointed.


Thomas Dryer-Beers